Galle Face Black and White

Remember those old rolls of film I found in a photo shop in Colpetty? I finally had them developed (thanks Rose!), and scanned in!

I shot one roll on galle face, here's the first few.

Clearly, the quality isn't phenomenal, but I'm really happy with them. They seem like pictures from ages ago, not 2010.


I absolutely love this picture. Please click here if you would like to see this picture with a black background. In this picture is everything I love about shooting film. You can't plan a picture like this.
This just makes more sense rotated this way.

Happy Light Leaks

Mattress Factory

Kubrick and his Leica M3

First REAL bike ride of the spring.

It was a gorgeous day (like shorts outside good). Amazing light. Ridiculously fast bikes hoarded up from winter. We found a couple of new trails around the city, and decided that the best way to see a city is on a bike.











A year, almost.

So this is a little different to what I usually put on here. I've been recording little videos on my phone for a while now; usually little ambient clips that dont really mean much more than what you see. Maybe banal, maybe boring, definitely repetitive.

I've put a bunch of these clips together, giving attention to only the order in which they're arranged. I didnt change the sound, or change the colors at all (I actually have no idea how to do that). There's a good chance that it might not make sense or hold any meaning to anyone uninitiated to the content, so I guess I'm asking you to give it a go. I really feel the order these clips are in and I hope that the content in them could mean something to someone who doesnt know me at all but can maybe relate to whats in it.

It starts off in Sri Lanka and moves to the states. The juxtapositions are a kinda blatant and there's not a lot to interpret. Enough talk.

More Toronto on Film






Downtown Toronto

So, after years (really) of meaning and wanting to get one, I finally got a film scanner. It is likely that the money I spent on it will be earned back after a while of not paying CVS to scan my rolls, but the main reason to get a scanner was to be able to work with bigger files and less crap in pictures like dust and finger prints.

I'm just getting the hang of the scanner and working out a workflow, but this picture of downtown Toronto from my hotel room makes me really happy.


The 1's and 2's

Some of you maybe aware of my friend Joe Kennedy's earlier project, "Drugs: the movie, the movie". Well he's started a new project with his bandmate Dave and new guy Rich called the 1's and 2's. They've been doing really well and won a competition to open for B.O.B (whos isnt very good, but it's still cool to see your friend open for a national ass act). They've been gaining momentum now and they did a interview with local rapper A-Jaxx for his local hip hop blog thing. I was around in the WPTS studios to take some pictures of the interview.

If you're into super fresh beats (seriously, for all you FlyLo/Dabyre beat freak fans this stuff is crack), Dave spins some magic for Joe and Rich to destroy wannabe Taylor Gang kids to (my brain might explode if I hear "Black and Yellow" one more time). Give them a listen here and here "Like" them if thats what you're into.