Quarter Pipe

Absolute fuck up on my part really. I really like this picture, but i messed it up by leaking light into the roll (accidentally) after i took it out of the camera. What a shame.

Karmann Ghia

Possibly the prettiest name for a car ever. This karmann ghia lies abandoned near where I live. I'm loving the Ektar 100 film these were shot on, the colors are so rich. I have to try to find some on 35mm soon.

Just outside Phipps conservatory

Joe, behind our house.
This was taken with that Yashica A a friend lent me.

The rose bush outside my house really blew up this spring.


New header everything.

This blog needed a overhaul for a while now. I kinda found the old format a little tired and well, old. So I messed around for a while now (under the influence) and I feel like I'll go with this format for a bit. We'll see if this format still works after the Gin wears off.
I also figured out a a pixel width to post pictures in so they come out bigger.

Lovely Barbara is the subject of the current header, Or well her leggings(?) are anyway.

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Carrie Furnace 1

Pat in the bottom right corner for reference.
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We explored this abandoned steel mill a while ago and I'm finally getting round to posting pictures from the trip.
The place was this huge, sprawling industrial complex left to rust and die. It was awesome. I can only hope that the pictures I post will do the place justice.

It was like the world after the apocalypse.

Trying to find a way through a fence.

Pat, about to embark on an adventure. Pictures coming soon-ish.


who dat?

The Toonseum in Pittsburgh is hosting the largest collection of art from the glorious anime movie Akira. Akira was a hand drawn movie, so it included thousands of slides that just couldn't be stored. Apparently the Japanese studio was going to get rid of the slides after the movie was released and some American bought as much stuff as he could. I'm glad that at least someone got to keep a piece of history.

I personally love the movie and it was awesome to see the actually slides used to make it.