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Braddock, PA.
This post office is no longer open, like most other places there.

Drugs: The Movie, The Movie: The Pictures




Here are some pictures of my friends Drugs: Themoviethemovie. They wanted a few pictures to use and I suggested that I come along for one of their practice sessions so I could take some candid pictures of them, while they perform. I hate (and suck) at making people comfortable in posed situations so this worked well for me. I shot a bunch of film and a bunch of digital pictures and I've upload some for your viewing pleasure(hopefully).

I came up with the fairy light idea after getting pleasing results from the crane in this post. Does it come off as campy?

This is mostly the same people in this post

Flowers and Eyeballs.



Pitt had a spring carnival thing during the weekend with some sketchy rides and even sketchier(?) bands playing. It was fun and I rode all the rides till I couldnt walk straight. I also tasted the quintessential American fair ground classic the corndog. I say 'tasted' because I couldn't even finish the vile, over-priced hunk of processed-meat-wrapped-in-processed-corn-and-dunked-in-hot-oil-on-a-stick (can also be dipped in cheese for an extra $.50).

See, sometimes and I get and embrace the America attitude of excess when it comes to food (BACON FTW). But this is just too much- especially after being strapped into the rides you see above.

Matt gets his cookie monster on

Bigger is better. Maybe, it's mad grainy.