Downtown Pittsburgh.
Mellon Park, Pittsburgh
Polish Hill/North Oakland, Pittsburgh.
Strip district. Pittsburgh.
Another church. Less about the architecture, more about that morning light. View big, I think I nailed the metering on this one. Strip District. Pittsburgh.
I try to refrain from posting self portraits; it's an ugly trend with tweens on flickr, but this is interesting for more reasons than my mug. Downtown Pittsburgh.
This picture was taken at f/2.8 accidentally because I forgot to change it back from another shot. Look at how soft this picture is. It really bothers me. Medium format kicks your ass. Strip district, Pittsburgh
It really is time that I finished uploading all of the medium format stuff from this summer.
This was the last shot from a roll, an interesting looking church in East Liberty. I've been a bit lazy and havent cleaned up theses scans like I usually do.
People do some really interesting stuff with churches and I always think of Valentine Gunesekeras Jesuit chapel in Bamba. I really want to see that place.
 I cant decide what I like more:

This version


 Or this
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I've shot highland park a couple times over the last year now. If you click on the label "highland" below you can see it in a different season/from a different camera/in digital.

I'm amassing quite a number of photographs of my bike. I guess it is a little repetitive, but it's become a big part of my photo process: to ride somewhere first, then take pictures. My tire is blown out, and that I've had to wait to get it fixed, now I find my self not even reaching for my camera. That's no good.

Allegheny General

Been really inspired by this lately.

Ohiopyle, as the name might suggest, isnt actually in Ohio. Its a state park close to PGH where you go hiking, swimming, kyaking and other out-doorsy activities. It was a nice day trip in the middle of a stressy summer semester. 

Frank Lloyd-Wright's Falling Water and Kentuck Knob are close by, and are maintained really well, from what I can tell - I havent actually been to Kentuck Knob yet, it supposedly has a really nice art garden.

More pictures coming sharpish.

She. Doesn't like this picture. Damn shame.

I think they make wonder bread (awful, white bread) nearby this peeling, pink store that sells the bread for cheap. Its a fascinating spot, photographically, and im gonna try to go back with some 35mm soon.

I've been making a few changes up here in preparation of five rolls of medium format I just got back. They are pictures from the whole summer, and I've been using my free time to really obsess with them and get good scans of em.


Shot a roll of redscale at the vintage grand prix today. When I ran out of film, I took these two with my phone.

It blows my mind how good camera phones are these days.

Not taken with hipstamatic, Jesus.
Revisiting some Ektar 100 shots. Best film ever.
Lazy cropping, yes, but I think it works for some pictures.

Konica Redscale

Urm, So I got another camera. Yeah. My housemate gave me his extra 35mm SLR before he left for gradschool so I have a 35mm SLR again!

My last redscale experiment didnt go so well, and I kinda gave up on the idea because it was so much work. However, recently by a really random coincidence, some film I bought from amazon was loaded into the canister backwards! I mean, it really is a defective product, and the seller was very dodgy and isnt replying to emails. But why not have another crack at it, yeah? So I shot the first roll a while ago and here are some of the less mediocre ones.

Hiss all you want, kitty. You're just a silly cat.

This came out wayy over exposed, and green. Thats what photoshop is for. Also, my scanner cropped it this way, and I liked it. Good one, scanner.

Rose, and her little Canonette rangefinder.

State of the (Photo) Nation

So it's been a while since I did one of these where I go over what camera's I've been using lately.

I am extremely sad to report that my beloved Canon AE-1 is no more. This winter it completely tanked on me and a camera repair guy informed me that its a fault of the circuitry that makes the AE-1 so popular (it was the first camera with a built in CPU, historic!!), and that it would cost and unholy amount to fix. So with that ends the chapter of my (well it was my dad's) first old camera that I've taken everywhere. It's been to more places than I've ever been and it died a distinguished, painless death of old age. RIP.

This, with the inexplicable sudden death of my Yashica Electro 35 in Japan, and the ridiculous, crippling light leak and light meter failure (meaning camera failure) of my Yashica ME-1 left the state of my photographic house in severe state of disarray.

However, with the total and utter failure of these machines also came the opportunity to re-collect junk and rebuild a set up different from my ADD induced, too-many-camera's-than-I-know-what-to-do-with set up that I previously possessed. I had the opportunity to start new with some camera's that required me to think differently and focus(pun!) on what I really wanted from a camera.

I decided to settle on the cheapest possible decent rangefinder I could find for a 35mm camera, and just one camera. I dont think it's a good idea to shoot with more than 2 different cameras of the same format because you become too fragmented and never get any good with any one of them. So after some searching I found a this little Yashica minister III (seriously, this is my 5th Yashica) for really cheap and It's been treating me real good. It's an eccentric little thing with the most bizzare light meter, but I've been having fun with it and I got some pictures I really like with it.


Medium format has always interested me and I've wanted a medium format camera more than anything. After month after month of looking for a medium format camera, I finally snagged this incredible Bronica ETRSi for a very decent deal. It shoots 4x5, which isnt my ideal situation (6x6) but after one roll I've had some pretty good results and I cant wait to see what I can get with some Ektar 100 in it.



Viva Film!

Home is.

Light in the evening streams into my kitchen. It looks really cool; im not sure if I really did it justice here.

I must be getting older or something because I'm really starting to care where I live. I like moving around and in my few years here I have managed to move to a new house every year. Lately though, I've been really sick of living in Oakland (student/university town). Living in a student town is strange dynamic because no one is really from around here, every one here is just passing through. It feels like I've really had every experience I can get from here, and now it's time to move somewhere different. I cant wait for August when I move to Lawrenceville, a few miles away from Oakland, and from what I can tell a cool place to live.



I went to a wedding in Ohio a couple weekends ago. Friends are already getting married and it must mean im getting old or something. It was a really fun wedding though, I was really glad to be a part of it.
These pictures are kinda pre-wedding from the drive there. These were shot on ektar 100 and that stuff is really amazing.