Konica Redscale

Urm, So I got another camera. Yeah. My housemate gave me his extra 35mm SLR before he left for gradschool so I have a 35mm SLR again!

My last redscale experiment didnt go so well, and I kinda gave up on the idea because it was so much work. However, recently by a really random coincidence, some film I bought from amazon was loaded into the canister backwards! I mean, it really is a defective product, and the seller was very dodgy and isnt replying to emails. But why not have another crack at it, yeah? So I shot the first roll a while ago and here are some of the less mediocre ones.

Hiss all you want, kitty. You're just a silly cat.

This came out wayy over exposed, and green. Thats what photoshop is for. Also, my scanner cropped it this way, and I liked it. Good one, scanner.

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