Allegheny General

Been really inspired by this lately.

Ohiopyle, as the name might suggest, isnt actually in Ohio. Its a state park close to PGH where you go hiking, swimming, kyaking and other out-doorsy activities. It was a nice day trip in the middle of a stressy summer semester. 

Frank Lloyd-Wright's Falling Water and Kentuck Knob are close by, and are maintained really well, from what I can tell - I havent actually been to Kentuck Knob yet, it supposedly has a really nice art garden.

More pictures coming sharpish.

She. Doesn't like this picture. Damn shame.

I think they make wonder bread (awful, white bread) nearby this peeling, pink store that sells the bread for cheap. Its a fascinating spot, photographically, and im gonna try to go back with some 35mm soon.

I've been making a few changes up here in preparation of five rolls of medium format I just got back. They are pictures from the whole summer, and I've been using my free time to really obsess with them and get good scans of em.