A friend who is studying abroad this semester let me have his bike. Now that it's (kinda) warm enough to ride, it opens up a huge range of stuff to go take pictures of.


Empty city. At dusk. On a Bike. Love.


cheese steak

If no one trims this tree outside my house soon, i might go ahead and do it my self in the summer.

making a stop-motion movie

I prepared a small patch of soil outside my house to do a little planting when things get warmer. I already have some rosemary planted, and hopefully get some tomatoes and habanero pepper seeds into the soil in a few weeks.
Good weekend.



The first and the third photographs were shot on Fuji pro 400H, some fancy film that medium format people love to rave on about. Honestly, i dont know what to think.. I like the colors:tastefully desaturated, with strong blues and yellow. Grain is (mostly) under control. The phipps post from earlier was shot on this stuff, and frankly this film does not seem to handle the color green well. I have three rolls left to make a solid decision though. Fingers crossed.

p.s the shot of the crane from my dslr isnt completely unrelated.

wishing well


More phipps, less square.

Here comes the sun

Large, please.

Large, please.

I took these photos towards the end of the summer of last year. I didnt upload them because pictures of flowers can get old, especially towards the summer, and I wanted to post these during the winter.

This was taken outside phipps. There's a strangely high frequency of pictures from phipps lately, I know.

You should also view the selected pictures large to do them justice. I dare you to try to count the number of bees in the two pictures.


Furry hoodz

Square phipps


Phipps is a botanical garden. It an escape from all the snow. Here are some pictures from last year.


Doing what they love.

[A Sunny] Day in the life during a snowpocalypse

The month of February: 48.7 inches of snow. Days spend shooting outside: <1.