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Kentuck Knob is Frank Lloyd Wright's lesser known house in the Laurel Highlands (Fallingwater being the other). There's a lot to like: oriented to make the best use of seasons, plenty of windows and open rooms let in light and air very nicely. It's not as spectacular as fallingwater but it's a gorgeous place to live. Fascinatingly, the house is currently owned by some form of english royalty (I think) and the house is only open to tour a part of the year. The house is famous for it's grounds which have variety of art installations. That, coupled with the expansive view of the laurel highlands, must be an incredible place to live. 

Check out the wiki, I didnt do a great job of trying to take pictures of the place. They dont let you do take pictures inside, as it has some personal belongings of the current owner  (It was pretty creepy to get a tour of someones bathroom, bedroom and creeping on their family portraits etc). And it's hard to take pictures when everyone else around you is swinging their cameras around (thats probably just me).
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I realize that instead of being a photoblog, this is turning into a seasonal photo dump. I've yet to completely grasp how to juggle this and work.