Action Shot

Jon built himself this crazy bass pedal board out of some old organ pedals and keyboard. Its kind of genius really: he can play bass and guitar at the same time now. I wont try to go into to much detail on how he built it, but if you're interested here is Jon himself describing the process.

I got this action shot of him while he was practicing.

I got a nice phone a while back and it does a lot of things most phones I've owned cant even hope of doing. One of those things is it's ability to take very decent quality pictures. I have some shots from Sri Lanka that I will upload soon as well.

It's a lot more convenient than carrying a dslr around and I like that I have it near me most of the time. This, I find, has allowed me to take pictures of things around me which have over time turned into a visual diary of sorts.

Vegetable juice and audiobooks: your best friends on long, solo roadtrips. Audio books are a fantastic way to eat up the miles. The vegetable juice, however, is harder to justify.

I am the caretaker of my favorite turtle again! This little guy has tons of character, and I just want to take pictures of him(her?)and put stupid Lolcat slogans on them.

I spent a good few weeks trying to build a road bike from an old frame that I bought from a friend. It ended pretty awfully as I found out after building it up that the front fork was bent and probably been in an accident. I was devastated, kinda still am. But imma make this bike deal work out soon.

This is baby, she is a pretty big deal in my neck of the woods. She is also a movie star. During our Halloween party, she was also a part of this grizzly installation.

I helped shoot a short film at the Carnegie Library of Braddock for a grant application. This was the set up for the interviews, and I thought it looked pretty legit considering our pretty low no budget set up.

Freshly painted bridge near Braddock, PA.


Old picture from the Carrie furnace trip almost a year ago. I'm not sure why I didnt upload it, im quite fond of it.


Sunday Morning


For the lack of a better title

Call it random. These pictures are from the same roll, and some are from the general region of Pettah, but I like to think of them having separate themes/feeling to them.

I really like the focus in this picture, even though it's not 'correct'(the middle of the plant is not in focus, but the spiky branches closest to you are).

People roasting peanuts in a shop in Pettah somewhere

Strange roundabout monument

The state of the Millers building is a shame, but I think there are plans to refurbish it.

New Header

It's been a while since I've had a new header, so I went ahead and made this one:


Using this source picture from the prayer tree in the Trinco


How does it look?
State of mind is everything, trick yourself into a good one.

Picture unrelated.