I got a nice phone a while back and it does a lot of things most phones I've owned cant even hope of doing. One of those things is it's ability to take very decent quality pictures. I have some shots from Sri Lanka that I will upload soon as well.

It's a lot more convenient than carrying a dslr around and I like that I have it near me most of the time. This, I find, has allowed me to take pictures of things around me which have over time turned into a visual diary of sorts.

Vegetable juice and audiobooks: your best friends on long, solo roadtrips. Audio books are a fantastic way to eat up the miles. The vegetable juice, however, is harder to justify.

I am the caretaker of my favorite turtle again! This little guy has tons of character, and I just want to take pictures of him(her?)and put stupid Lolcat slogans on them.

I spent a good few weeks trying to build a road bike from an old frame that I bought from a friend. It ended pretty awfully as I found out after building it up that the front fork was bent and probably been in an accident. I was devastated, kinda still am. But imma make this bike deal work out soon.

This is baby, she is a pretty big deal in my neck of the woods. She is also a movie star. During our Halloween party, she was also a part of this grizzly installation.

I helped shoot a short film at the Carnegie Library of Braddock for a grant application. This was the set up for the interviews, and I thought it looked pretty legit considering our pretty low no budget set up.

Freshly painted bridge near Braddock, PA.