Shot a roll of redscale at the vintage grand prix today. When I ran out of film, I took these two with my phone.

It blows my mind how good camera phones are these days.

Not taken with hipstamatic, Jesus.
Revisiting some Ektar 100 shots. Best film ever.
Lazy cropping, yes, but I think it works for some pictures.

Konica Redscale

Urm, So I got another camera. Yeah. My housemate gave me his extra 35mm SLR before he left for gradschool so I have a 35mm SLR again!

My last redscale experiment didnt go so well, and I kinda gave up on the idea because it was so much work. However, recently by a really random coincidence, some film I bought from amazon was loaded into the canister backwards! I mean, it really is a defective product, and the seller was very dodgy and isnt replying to emails. But why not have another crack at it, yeah? So I shot the first roll a while ago and here are some of the less mediocre ones.

Hiss all you want, kitty. You're just a silly cat.

This came out wayy over exposed, and green. Thats what photoshop is for. Also, my scanner cropped it this way, and I liked it. Good one, scanner.