Golden Hour



On the way back from a craigslist trip, we were driving through this strangely beautiful suburban neighborhood with the most golden light. I got these two pictures in, which I guessed the exposure for (didnt have a light meter on me, plus I had to act fast because I parked on the side of the road), and got pretty damn close to perfect exposures imo.

Medium formaatttt.


My good friend Jeff, actually my first friend in college, left Pittsburgh to study the big things that happen when little tiny things hit each other. Ill miss him. Good luck man.

These are medium format shots from one last bike ride together before he left. Will you look at that depth of field/sharpness. I am a bit bummed by the harsh shadows, though. But that comes with this kinda mid day light. Best to avoid this kinda light if you can, F/11 can only do so much.

I have a ton of pictures of Jon. This one is definitely one of my favorites.

Oh yeah, this one's medium format. More on that soon.