I got a new bike. Not surprisingly it's another American made Cannondale. I've been riding quite a bit with after work to blow off steam and I end up taking a lot of pictures of it. Here is it on pedalroom for dslr pics of it and a list of components
Stadium lights, Lawrenceville.
Baseball cage thing? Lawrenceville.
I was walking around Lawrenceville looking for things to shoot and found this locked up community pool, activity area. It was a really cool space, and really unfortunate that it wasnt open. I wish I had taken better pictures here.
Sorry about the lazy crop, but the picture really isnt the point here. Look at this. It's done so casually, in seemingly one stroke, with a matching black eye. I really like it. Lawrenceville
Last shot on the roll. I think I wrapped it up wrong, or took the back off too early. Either way, this magical looking picture happened.
A big part of what motivates me to shoot is seeing people do new and interesting things that kinda stretch my understanding in new and previously unexplored regions. From leica wielding documentary shooters to minimalist contemporary (my designation) photographers I've always had inspiration, or desire to emulate. Lately, possibly with real world things to worry about, I've been struggling to find inspiration and more importantly grow.

I tried getting really academic about photographs; trying to comprehend something not only aesthetically, but trying to really study photographs or understand the medium like an art. Or, how I though MFAs studied photographs. I figured the only way to differentiate yourself from a generation of mass adopters of photography was to dive into the abstract and non-aesthetics.

 Most recently however, the biggest source of photographic fun for me has come from, wait for it, instagram. It's incredible. The app itself has a competent interface and a collection of filters (some extremely mediocre) you can apply to pictures. But what is so heartening about this free service is how much creativity you can squeeze into a picture you take with phone. There are apps out there that you can use to mirror pictures, make dipytches, set type on, stack multiple layers on, all while being constrained to your phone and publishing it on this service. I find myself really motivated by some people on there (and massively discouraged by a lot of others).

 I realize that the few of you who read my blog (Have I ever mentioned how much I love you guys?), aren't on instagram and therefore dont see this new direction I've been expanding in. So I'm going to throw some of my instagram pictures on this here blog, so it remains an accurate log of my photographic journey.

See what some others are doing with it

A long rant, Sorry It's late and I'm tired.
Scan 5
Scan 2
I'm a working man now. Getting used to the 8-5 lifestyle has been a little difficult so far. Working leaves you really drained and without capacity to engage in anything but be useless. I am slowly building a tolerance to it though. I have a couple ideas for the blog, and a bunch of film to process and put on so here's hoping that I get a steady workflow up soon.
Scan 3
Taken Christmas day.