Year in review 2

Kyle has the exact same pose in both pictures. This was taken near a synagogue.

Year In Review 1

So while I was cleaning up my computer this weekend, I came across alot of pictures that I had failed to upload. When I get a film roll back, or download pictures from my memory card, i make a quick run through them and take out and duplicates or badly focused/plain bad shots. Then go ahead and clean up/process the pictures and upload them to flickr.
This workflow suites me well, but sometimes when I don't have time to edit a whole roll/batch, I keep some pictures for editing later. The problem is that I forget to come back to these pictures because ill either have new pictures to work with, or I don't want to upload a ton of pictures from a similar scene.
So, the end of the year seems like a fitting time to upload some of the pictures that didn't get uploaded out of sheer neglect.

The pictures below are from the summer, when Jon and I explored CMU. To see the others from the set, click the tag "CMU" below, genius.

A tired old Lion.

I'm not dead.

Just working.
I havent been able to take many pictures lately, but that said I do have a few that I need to process. My computer is being a little bitch and i'm going to have to do some massive cleaning up before i'm able to use lightroom on RAW pictures again.

The picture below is one of a few i've taken, unfortunately this is only one i've had time to process and I'm afraid it'll be new years before I get the others uploaded.

I have some pretty boring pictures of the snow storm that hit the US east coast last weekend, and ill try to post those pictures soon.
Because everyone LOVES second rate pictures. Shiiit.

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Christmas lightzz