Year In Review 1

So while I was cleaning up my computer this weekend, I came across alot of pictures that I had failed to upload. When I get a film roll back, or download pictures from my memory card, i make a quick run through them and take out and duplicates or badly focused/plain bad shots. Then go ahead and clean up/process the pictures and upload them to flickr.
This workflow suites me well, but sometimes when I don't have time to edit a whole roll/batch, I keep some pictures for editing later. The problem is that I forget to come back to these pictures because ill either have new pictures to work with, or I don't want to upload a ton of pictures from a similar scene.
So, the end of the year seems like a fitting time to upload some of the pictures that didn't get uploaded out of sheer neglect.

The pictures below are from the summer, when Jon and I explored CMU. To see the others from the set, click the tag "CMU" below, genius.

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