Drugs: The Movie, The Movie: The Pictures




Here are some pictures of my friends Drugs: Themoviethemovie. They wanted a few pictures to use and I suggested that I come along for one of their practice sessions so I could take some candid pictures of them, while they perform. I hate (and suck) at making people comfortable in posed situations so this worked well for me. I shot a bunch of film and a bunch of digital pictures and I've upload some for your viewing pleasure(hopefully).

I came up with the fairy light idea after getting pleasing results from the crane in this post. Does it come off as campy?

This is mostly the same people in this post


  1. fuckin' hell these are great! Both the film and digital. The film has a crispness that the digital just ain't got, but they're all great. I thought using the Christmas tree lights was brilliant and that it worked really well. Good job!

  2. These are sick. Particle effects ftw! There's no such thing as overdoing it with points of light.

    (also, what typeface have you used on that last one?)

  3. Thanks all,

    Navin: Helvetica FTW

  4. Looks awesome!
    I love the bokeh.
    Which lens did u use?
    5th one very creative..

    Also check this guy's photography


  5. Thanks Aamina! I used a 50mm f1.8 prime for both