A year, almost.

So this is a little different to what I usually put on here. I've been recording little videos on my phone for a while now; usually little ambient clips that dont really mean much more than what you see. Maybe banal, maybe boring, definitely repetitive.

I've put a bunch of these clips together, giving attention to only the order in which they're arranged. I didnt change the sound, or change the colors at all (I actually have no idea how to do that). There's a good chance that it might not make sense or hold any meaning to anyone uninitiated to the content, so I guess I'm asking you to give it a go. I really feel the order these clips are in and I hope that the content in them could mean something to someone who doesnt know me at all but can maybe relate to whats in it.

It starts off in Sri Lanka and moves to the states. The juxtapositions are a kinda blatant and there's not a lot to interpret. Enough talk.


  1. Love the concept. Also, how did you get hangar access? Quite impressive that last bit.
    Also yay for random beatles soundbyte.

  2. Great to see your idea come through!! I really enjoyed watching it-seriously,,,and I can't believe how great a video camera your phone has. my mom's actually going to get me one soon.

  3. The picture at the side the caption. reminds me of hot butter cuttle fish. Mmm the recipe is easy and awesome.try it out.