Sweet Deals

I was at a dinky photo studio in Colpetty a few days ago to get some passport-sized photographs. It had all this old film equipment in cabinets that have been stored away after shooting film had become inefficient. I counted some Mamiya lenses and film backs. But in a corner of the cabinet was a bunch of film. They had a bunch of Ilford 125 film and these 3 rolls of Ilford PanF in 35 mm form.

It was clearly of no use for them and the film was expired 3 years in a dusty, warm glass cabinet 50 feet away from galle road. I offered to take it off their hands and I got all 3 rolls for 200Rs (~$1.80).

I have never shot black and white film before, and I think I get why some people do it, but I have never had an interest in shooting black and white (I would rather convert in post to black and white). I guess I can find out what the fuss is. It will be interesting to see how these come out once I shoot them. Thats if I figure out where to develop them first.

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