Last of the Carrie Furnace set

I wanted to upload these before I forgot about them. These are some pictures I took with a Yashica-A at the abandoned carrie steel furnace.

The rest of the pictures from the furnace can be found here

These were shot on Kodak Ektar. While being a wonderful film with vibrant colors, it's kinda unforgiving if you dont get the exposure right. Makes pictures come out a little washed out looking.
That said I absolutely love medium format and I wish it wasnt such an expensive habit to get into.


  1. you are right man, the colors are excellent in these shots. A lot of post processing? I am exciting for when we meet again as roommates. Have an amazing journey!

  2. Thanks Jon! I cant wait either! I hope Japan is swell..

    As for the pics, this are the scans I got back from the medium format roll. Im assuming this is the Ektar 100 goodness.

  3. Hey so my mom showed me an article about these in the local newspaper. Apparently the group that owns the area wants to do some renovations to preserve it, apparently it was built in 1907. However, they also want to develop the land around it to sort of a south side works type of deal. Here's the link: