PGH vintage grand prix '10

Like last year, I was able to make it to the race day of the annual Pittsburgh vintage grand prix. Unlike last year however I only took my dslr and 50mm lens (last year I shot film as well). It turned out to be a wise decision as the event turned out to be more of the same, or even less of the same as the selections of cars on show and on track were not as good last years. The weather was also not agreeable to photographers as it was overcast one second, raining the next and really sunny in between.

However it didnt stop me from snapping a few pictures and trying my hand out on panning some shots.

The cars on show were also not up to last years quality, but here are some highlights:

Mercedes 300sl Gullwing

Lotus Exige

The usual selection of M3's, R8's and other exotics were present but they didn't really stand out much.

On a side note, I met a man shooting with a black Leica M9 that day and he let me hold it and compose a bit (he had a 90mm Summicron on it, I believe). It didnt cause my heart to explode in a sudden burst of envy or motivate me to sell everything I own to buy one, but it was really nice. I mean the thing was built like a tank, really heavy for such a small(ish) camera and everything felt well built. I cant imagine myself spending that kind of money on a camera ($9,000 just for a camera body, with lenses upwards of $3000), but If I was going to spend the kind of money that can buy you a film M6, I would rather buy a nice Hasselblad or Mamiya 6.

I mean c'mon, medium format is the shit.

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