New Header

Its been a while since I've had a new header. The source picture is one of the severely light leaked pictures from Staten island.

Little futura action later.
3998381579_68da1e38fe_o copy

simple and easy.


  1. Mayb you should have some pics of some real hot butter cuttle fish :) would love to see that..

  2. ok. why did u name ur blog "Hot Butter Cuttlefish"? :)hehe just curious.
    (p.s - i love changing my header all the time too, tho on wordpress the space i have to work with is pretty limited. :/ )

  3. black: i explain it in my first post on this blog, if you dont mind clicking through. :)
    yeah, i tried using wordpress for a while, but i wasnt satisfied with the templates and personalization (or lack of).

  4. yeah I know what you mean :) I was on blogger before - dunno why the fuck I switched. O.o
    I shall check out the first post n see :)