Rosemary Fail

To start out I stuffed the boneless ribs with cloves of garlic then laid it in an oven pan with olive oil. Add some rosemary and kosher(rock) salt.

Cooking in the oven at 300-350f ish, took it out to check done-ness

Done, done done! cooked through just enough, out of the oven. I couldnt take the usual top down picture here because the lens would keep fogging up

things start going down hill around about now..

What shouldave been a spectacular meal is now just a decent meal

Something that should be known about the type of food I cook about me is that I like things fast, that is im a lazy bastard. When I cook anything, I usually spend more time on prep than I actually do cooking it. A usual meal involves adding a variety of ingredients (read: variety of meat) into a blazing hot wok and adding rice, spice and soy sauce. Now, this is all (very) well, but when you need a little variety in life and decide to dream up your own rosemary pork recipe, you need to have some patience and see the damn meal through.

Also, sometimes Asians are better off making Asian food than making European food.

If you read the descriptions to the pictures above you'd probably notice that everything goes well to the point where the pork comes out of the oven. Cooked through just right, and still moist, this was a gastronomical orgasm waiting to happen.
So i slice the pork into sizeable chunks and start pan searing them. OK good. Then I start adding the fat and olive oil into the pan so I can a little sauce going. OK maybe a decent idea, but the sauce could’ve used some different flavors like wine (didn’t have any)or at least some chili flakes. Then I decide I should have this with some brown pasta, MISTAKE. Firstly I didn’t have that much sauce for it to work with pasta, and second I AM NOT THAT CRAZY ABOUT PASTA.
So to save the situation, I add some cherry tomatoes and then deglaze the pan with gin (have loads) and butter to try to make a sauce out of it. In the end the pork was OK but a little dry and the pasta was a little less than decent because I didn’t boil all the alcohol off the gin. What a damn shame.

If i were a little more patient I could have made a
1) Nice sauce for the pasta
2) Made some rice and fry up the pork with some onions and veggies to make a nice stir fry.
3) Made some sort of side dish like mash or salad to eat the pork with.

I have ways to go it seems.
Oh I tried making stew in a crock pot a week ago. It turned out to be more like a soup.


  1. for godsake someone send the boy some curry powder!

  2. Y'know, you could have just stopped taking photos after #3.
    (#3 looks delish btw!)