The Miyata has always struggled to fit in with the rest of my bikes. It was larger, more upright and less aggressive so I planned for it to be a bike I could take with me on longer gravel rides. The older components are neither fast nor light, but they are pretty much bomb proof meaning it would be a great bike to ride around Pittsburgh when I visit (and not have anxiety attacks about locking it up outside) and go on long gravel rides without worry. But it never felt right, it didn't feel comfortable and easy to grow into.

 Recently I decided to try something new and picked up mustache bars at a bike flea market. I had some (frustrating) fun with the bar wrap, doing a harlequin pattern.

The bars allow for some different hand positions to drop bars, all a little less aggressive and quite novel. It completely changed the feel of the bike. Much more fun.   Untitled


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