A quick update on some of the bike projects ive been working on Untitled I've been collecting some vintage italian parts for a while now, and very recently I found a decently priced italian frame. Untitled These are pretty much all the parts I need for the build. I'm very excited about this build, I plan to put it together myself. Which sounds easy enough but the parts are not necessarily from the era and some finagaling is required to make all the components to jive together. I'm also excited to have this Amish/Mennonite bike shop near where I work build me the wheels. THe shop is totally out of the way and tucked away between farmlands and is probably the coolest bike shop I've been to. Modern bike shops have exclusivity agreements with certain manufacturers meaning if you go to a bike shop the chances are you dont get a lot of options to choose from. This shop is truly independent and has a great selection.

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