New Header

Like a friend said in the comments, I thought the old header was a bit jarring with its underlining. Instead of fixing it, I just though id make a new one.

Source Picture (from trincomalee, overlooking the ocean from Koneshwaran temple):

some photoshoppery later:

It's interesting that after switching the header to the right, I still kept the headers square or at least rectangular in shape. Dunno how it occurred to me that I could experiment with different shapes and forms and placement of text. This ones a bit safe but I like how it looks. Maybe ill do something more adventurous later on.

I think this header was partially inspired by penny shaped Daguerreotype photographs. I like how it was the style to set portraits in circular frames, I guess this is still seen as a natural fit considering how people vingette studio portraits in an ellipse around a portrait.

old photo/cabinet card

I've been watching this great show on BBC called genius of photography, and thats what got me into daguerreotype. I think you should check it out if you're even partially interested in photography, the production quality is fantastic.

The youtube channel contains all the episodes. I'm on episode 4 now. Episode 3 was really good, if you want to just get your feet wet.


  1. love the banner :D i think i have the same shot!

  2. Thanks Dee! Yeah its pretty generic koneshwaran shot :)