Galle Face

I had some time to kill while in Colombo once and I walked up to the galle face green and took a few pictures. I shot a roll of B&W film, but to get to that I had to finish off a roll of colour first. I haven't got the B&W developed yet, but I will post those when I get them.

These two shots are from these odd-looking coke vendors (ha), who deal (ha, again) out of giant coke bottle shaped stalls. Their stuff(on a roll now) is super expensive, and in the searing heat it is so tempting to splurge on some iced cream soda.



Oh yeah, so it looks like my ME-1 has developed a consistent light leak. I am so pissed. It's left that on almost every picture.


  1. i think the streak adds character

    you should see the lottery seller in the birdy shaped vending stall in maradana - in vain aney

  2. It's character when it happens unexpectedly, this is like almost very single picture