Welcome to the family, Yashica ME 1

I found this Yashica ME 1 at a Goodwill store and bagged it for $2.69. I've been looking for a rangefinder for a while now, and since i cant afford an Olypmus Pen I pretty happy with this.
It came with a roll of 200asa Kodak film that i wound back and shot over; the previous owner shot some winter landscapes with it and i shot some pics outside in the blazing sun over it. . I have a really strange set of double exposed pictures.

It works well, bar some light leaks. Focusing is strange though, i need to read up more about focusing rangefinders.

My plan is to keep this cam in my bag at all times, something i cant do with my SLR's because they are so bloody big. It's small enough to fit in my pocket actually

As of now I have shot a few rolls with it, and the results are very encouraging. It really does work well as a take-it-everywhere camera. If you happen to get the focus just right, the images are brilliantly sharp, even more than my DSLR!

here's a little example:

On fuji color 400asa



  1. hey say whaattt you took a picture of Optimus Prime? wicked~

  2. Ha ha yeah i was thinking the same thing when i got the picture back