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Hi there!

Welcome to Hot Butter Calamari, the personal Photoblog of Buweneke Fernando. Why is this blog called Hot Butter Calamari, you ask? Well for that you need to know something about me; I am a Sri Lankan college student studying in the industrial wasteland of Pennsylvania. Photography is a habit I have formed to take a break from having my head beaten in by large text books, and it also helps me say no to drugs.
Ok, back to why this blog is called what it is; Hot butter cuttlefish, or calamari (i dont discriminate) is one of my most favourite foods from back home, in Sri Lanka. I miss home alot, and since Kottu is already taken I settled on HBC.

This is the space I will use to exhibit my pictures, and say something about them. If you like a picture you can leave me a comment. If you dont like a picture you can also leave your thoughts in comment form, and I will try to care.

Ok, for those who know me (hi ammi!),
I have clearly switched from my old medium of internet-photo-brag, Photoblog, to this. This is mainly because I wanted more control over how many pictures I get to post, and keep the place I post pictures free from annoying ads from google. I also feel like I'm getting a little better at digital photography, and I wanted a nicer place to show off some of those pictures.
That said, my film stuff is still probably better and I plan to whore those too.
Phew, all that said, welcome.



  1. I completely forgot you used Photoblog. Molly and I had an account while we were in China to document our adventures because every other site was censored (Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, etc.) I agree, Photoblog is a little ridiculous. You have to subscribe to post as many photos as you want, whereas Blogger, you can post whatever amount you want. I will definitely check in to this site, I love your photography. By the way, if you're interested in our adventure in China our website is:

  2. I applaud the initiation of your blog and await most interestedly in your future entries, of which I suspect will be riddled with links to miscellaneous web pages (and beautiful photos, of course).

  3. Oi!! this is really awesome my friend. it's like you've got a little piece of the internet for yourself. I am excited to see some more photos. yeah!

  4. Colleen! I've actually been following your trips the best i could on my google reader! You have some wonderful pictures, and nothing melts the heart like a baby panda..

    Hsuan: thanks! you are always my favourite regular :)
    Ha ha and yeah i'm having way too much fun with the links.

    Jon: ha ha yeah! im trading in virtual real estate!

  5. Nice! This blog looks pro. Makes me want to get one! Hahahha, I nice shot at M.I.A.!

  6. Hi anyone got the recipe for HBC please post it here i would love to know