These beautiful yellows are all I want.

A while a ago, I tried an experiment in Redscale film. I locked myself in the closet, pulled out a roll of expired kodak 100, cut it, reversed it, taped it back in and wound the film back into the canister. I shot the film with the light meter set at 25 asa, not 100.

Besides the one picture of joe below, I dont really know how the rest of the roll turned out. See, the person at the drugstore where I got this developed was completely befuddled by this film and didnt scan it straight, it seems. Like the picture below all the pictures are segmented, scanned in half frames. This was the only picture usable out of the whole lot. I'm going to have to scan these in my self to get all the pictures out of the roll, and I dont have a film scanner. So, uh, its going to be a while.

But aren't these colors wonderful?


  1. they are. reminds me of photos from madol duwa

  2. I think thats what I want from all my photos to look like sometimes.