Brutal CMU

These pictures are from the depth of an extremely brutalist CMU building known as Wean hall. It really celebrates raw studded concrete like this building and also this building.

Brutalist architecture is strangely appealing to me; in a dystopian, 'Ministry of Truth' kind of way. I do have a strange fetish for angular geometry and modernist architecture, though.

Please sound off in the comments if i'm getting my architectural styles wrong; Somehow, im not too confident in my ability to separate certain aspects of Modernism, Post-Modernism, international style etc.

Oh, so pictures..






  1. Hey Boo...
    I love your architectural shots.
    You have an eye for lines...i especially like your 1st and 3rd shots.

    Btw you should know that your blog name got me thinking about hot butter cuttlefish and I spent my holiday back home in Lanka on a mad hunt for the best cuttlefish in town. Also your blog name has sparked a post by someone else

    Thanks for dropping by!
    Happy Shooting