New Header

So the new header came from this picture.


Im not sure what that Chinese phrase means, but my sister had it up on her wall. I took it down, found a nice, white spot for it and shot it.

to make this:

Yes, I use helvetica alot


  1. If google Analytics shows you a rather large number of hits from China, it's probably best to figure out what the hell that phrase means.

    (It cannot be good.)

  2. @navin: its something to do with good luck (its a fact because i got it from a vietnamese store for chinese new year last year.
    @boo: i resent that you're dismantling my fab decor (not even a year since i vacated, damn you)

  3. black: thanks :)
    Navin: Mao wants to have a word. word.
    yaks: sdknJANWERGWQNERIO!

  4. Lovely......

    Brilliant Idea, shows certain things run in the family !!