Ticket to ride



When you have more than six hours in a train, there's only a certain amount of movies you can watch before your eyes give up (mine is about four episodes of Top Gear) and inevitably try taking a few pictures.
However, these pictures aren't from the train ride itself, its from the Pittsburgh Amtrak station, on a very early morning this spring.
Train rides are a fantastic way to travel, I just wished the train services in this part of the world were a little faster. It's very comfortable and you get a power plug thing at almost every seat so you can plug in your laptop or whatever. It's also fantastic to just look out the window and see different landscapes just pass by. I particularly like sitting in the cafe car: something about sitting at a table and watching the world pass by while you have a meal is awesome.

Soon I ill post some pictures taken while on the train itself.

P.S: CVS lady: thank you for the fantastic scans! I love having to not remove dust specks from every picture.

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  1. And those tracks will bring you back to me :)