I saw Tycho play yesterday and it was a pretty fun show. We managed to get a nice spot by the stage and had pretty good view of the performance. I took a couple shots of the show but since they were all from the same angle they aren't too different from each other.

The show was really cool, it had a video component with nostalgic west coast/Jacques Cousteau clips looping and overlapping on a screen behind the band. It was also really refreshing to see a live band play too, as many electronic artists just pretend to do shit while they play stuff off their laptops and occasionally jiggle a MPC.

Funny story is I know Tycho (Scott Hansen) from his graphics design days and blog ISO50 which has been pretty much the only blog I've followed for more than 3 years (I think that's saying alot, considering how tastes change). It's got a mid-century modern, futurist leanings to it which I subscribe to, and it's heavy on electronic music which I can dig as well.

In other news I've amended my hypocritical ways and embraced editing pictures on my phone as well. As a person who uses photoshop frequently, I have no high ground hating on hipstamatic users.

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