HIghland Park

I went back to highland park again yesterday, after quite a long time. I just realized that I never posted pictures from there for some reason. I am due a backup, so maybe ill find pictures of it in the spring/summer.

The park is host to a huge drinking water reservoir that people like to take walks around, for fitness and what-not. In the winter this reservoir freezes over and it's most gorgeous/bleak place ever. You have the occasional fitness enthusiast (I dont say that out of bitterness because I am hardly fit, promise) who brave the god awful cold, but besides that there's not many people around.

Its strange to think how much has changed since the last time I was here. Change for the better, I mean. It's funny how that happened over the fall and winter, which is usually the most bleak time of year for me (emotionally). Maybe I'm getting used to this weather, who'dathunk?

Oh yeah, pictures;

Silly birds, what are you doing here? You have wings, why aren't you going some place warm?



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