And I would walk drive one-thousand miles


According to some very basic calculations on google maps, I drove over 1500 miles the week before last. I crossed PA, NY, CT to Boston MA, then BACK the same route over a weekend. Then the next Friday I drove across PA and back. I feel like I've just recovered from all the driving (considering I drive 20 miles to and from work every day too).
I drove mainly early morning and late night, and the freakiest thing would be to see huge patches of blood in the middle of the road, especially at night; apparently speeding trucks hit deer so hard that they just get forced under the wheels.

Stats: Like 8 full tanks of gas, a ton of parking quarters, copious amounts of junk food/red bull and, right at the end, a $130 speeding ticket.

The cop was hiding behind a tree or something and caught me doing around 86 in a 65, which would mean a fine of like $300+. The cop was nice enough to bring my speed down to 71 (therefore a reduced fine) and give me a warning.

like the most expensive parking garage ever. It was under a small garden in the middle of Boston and the fees were like $8 for the first half hour, $12 to the 1st hour, $18 for the next hour and like $34 for the whole day. I mean, compare that to the car parks in Oakland, which I remember are like $8 for a whole day. Luckily, we managed to get back before the hour ended.


  1. poor deer; damn truck drivers; capitalist parking garage owners; cheap gas.

    can't believe you got copped, tsk.

  2. The first shot is ethreal, the second shot is everyone's nightmare, the third shot is ' I WANT TO OWN A PARKING GARAGE ' - reality is you have to pay 130 from your next pay check !! sigh !!