Tibet, guarded
Tibet, guarded. Got to love that freedom of speech.

yashica ME-1

yashica ME-1

Pictures from the G20. I was only there for one day of it, I was in philly for the weekend. What I saw was benign enough, with a little teargas action and seeing the whole city in complete lock down was not TOO bad. After I left things had got a little out of hand and if you can get a pretty good idea of it on Joe's blog. What really worried me though was the police themselves. There were riot police everywhere and alot of innocent people got arrested during the mass confusion in Oakland, and I couldnt help but feel like the police got a bit out of hand and really abused their awfully absolute power.

I keep thinking back to this Zimbardo psychology experiment.

I cant help but think that with riot gear, gas masks covering their faces and batons, the police just went on a complete power trip. Exercising their control in the sickest way possible; really, shooting a kid in the face with a pellet gun doesnt make you a man. Some photographers were forced to delete some of their pictures, some were even arrested.




yashica ME-1

yashica ME-1




  1. this maybe a distincly unpopular view, but i think you're being needlessly harsh on the police. you should instead focus your anger on the small groups of dissenters who come to gatherings like this with the distinct purpose of causing trouble and wreaking havoc. it's because of people like that, that the institution is forced to enforce seemingly harsh methods of crowd/damage control.

    akki (internet at work very slow can't sign in properly)

    p.s. joe's 72 hours of g8 was excellent btw

  2. Every actor in the play has a definite role to play. ABUSE is everwhere, people abusing their freedom of speach, organised bodies of people trying to shove down their view on others throats, police and armed forces abusing power within legal means... of course in some countries bordering on illegality. It has become so prevalent no one anymore recognises it as abuse. Abuse is all its grey shades.