Fall is my favourite season by far. The colors, the cooler weather and im not allergic to everything all the time. So much to love, right?
Donnington Donegal is glorious during the fall and I spent a whole day walking around on the fields, making fires, boating and eating vast amounts of food donated by the wonderful Witter family. They also had a pear tree! im not too fussed about pears but these were fantastic! so crispy and flavourful, and not a sticker with 'imported from jamaica' in sight!! Its so weird how I took eating fresh fruits for granted in SL that the whole act of plucking a pear from a tree and eating it is liberating!

I really have to thank my friend Grace for driving us out there and showing us such a good time! She's a fantastic cook to boot.
Here are a few landscapes; I have others to process and a film roll to get too. So moar picturez soonz plz?

p.s can you tell that im really liking that medium format?


Jon is in this picture can you tell? these medium sized pics suck

I almost flipped a small row boat full of cameras trying to get this picture. I dont even like it that much


it was sunny most of the time, but when i took this it wasnt. Clearly.


  1. :D I'm glad I took you there! These look beautiful, I especially love the 2nd from the bottom, with all the leaves. It was such an awesome day, it's great you got some good pictures out of it!

  2. Boo, these are all fantastic. You really managed to put into perspective the pure massiveness of the place. And it's beautiful there, too! Wish we could have gone.

  3. These are so lovely. I love the ones with fall colors and light reflecting on water. Looks a fantastic place.