Life's disappointments




So i took a bit of a plunge and bought a adapter for my digital SLR which will let me use my old film lenses with it. The thing is the lenses will fit my DSLR but due to some sort of what-the-fuckery they have sent me an adapter that wont let me focus my lens to infinity, and only takes like super macro shots. Macro is fine and dandy for those who are into it, but almost everything i shoot is at infinity (like building shots) and not having it makes the whole kit completely useless.

Im going to call Adorama on monday and see if they can send me one that will.


  1. Sweeeeeet. Man, who need a zoom, if we have a macro like this.

    I have a 70-270mm lens and 2x converter. Useless, I must say. I was trying to get a good close-up of a chipmunk for days. Damn creature, run like hell always, just before I take the shot.

  2. Please don't forget that we are closed on Monday: re-opening Tuesday at (9:00 EST).

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador