Dogs, boys and Ducks

Went to point park today with the father. Was a gloriously blistering evening. I liked these shots, and I got some pretty decent building shots too. Those come soon.
I've noticed that at this light, f/8.0 is surprisingly sharp.

That bull-dog(?) was such a little poser; she was looking at me like that till I put my camera down. She also had a pink studded collar. What a dog.


  1. wow !! super neat. I loved the photos and the title. Dogs , boys and ducks . way to go , man .

    Absolutely loved the one with the boy and water spraying all around him.

    Such energy. superb shot.

    Reminded me of the Sri Lankan saying
    "aliyanta lamainta dagalanna mai etha"

    both elephants and children cannot keep still.

  2. i love the boy and the dog. the dog more than the boy even. she seems enamoured with you. were you hiding bacon in your pants again?

  3. 1st and 3rd are my favs. Nice light. My only trouble with the 2nd is that I wish his feet hadn't been cut off in the shot.

  4. Anon:thanks for the great comment!

    Yaka: You can never have too much bacon in your pants.

    Laura: I know, i kinda took that shot in a hurry and it was too bright out to see the pictures on the lcd screen.